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Honey with Cinnamon | 8oz container

Honey with Cinnamon | 8oz container

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Honey with Cinnamon

It's a perfect combination! In addition to being a delicious mixture with an irresistible aroma, honey with cinnamon will be your best ally to take care of your health, your skin and your hair.

Apitherapeutic Use
  • To lose weight - Cinnamon is also attributed diuretic and metabolism-accelerating properties. That is why, together with honey and its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, taking infusions with honey and cinnamon can help you in your weight loss process.
  • Replaces conventional sugar - They can be used as a sweetener in many baking recipes, for infusions, pancakes, coffee, yogurt... You will be adding a sweet touch to your daily life with natural and beneficial products for your health!
  • For your skin - Honey with cinnamon is especially useful for combating acne: it helps reduce the inflammation of pimples and treat residual marks, helping them disappear. In addition, it will help your skin stay hydrated, clean and shine-free.
  • Get energy and avoid exhaustion - its warming and toning properties help us revitalize our body. Take a tablespoon preferably on an empty stomach.
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