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Apiaro Guare

Pollen | 8oz container

Pollen | 8oz container

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Bee pollen

Pollen is a dust produced by the male organs of plants, responsible for fertilizing their female organs. Bees collect pollen from flowers with their legs and moisten it with nectar, shaping it into small balls that they transport to the hive to feed the worker bees. Through these trips from flower to flower they selflessly contribute to pollination. Did you know that pollen is one of the most complete superfoods found in nature?

Apitherapeutic Use
  • Helps recover in cases of anemia and weakness.
  • Increases resistance to diseases
  • Helps recover appetite in convalescent people
  • Ideal food for athletes since it increases resistance to physical effort.
  • Strengthens memory
  • Useful for diabetics, as it helps regulate glucose levels
  • Regulates body weight both in obesity and thinness
  • Advisable against sexual apathy and prostate problems due to its great richness in Zinc
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