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Apiaro Guare

Royal Jelly 1/2 oz

Royal Jelly 1/2 oz

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Royal Jelly needs to be in the refrigerator for storage.

Royal jelly

It is a food made by bees for their Queen, standing out for its countless properties and benefits on our health.
Did you know that Royal Jelly is a good tonic for fatigue and, at the same time, increases our defenses? Royal Jelly has antiseptic and bactericidal properties that strengthen your body against external aggressions. For this reason, many people take it during the changes of season to prevent colds and infections.

Apitherapeutic Use
• Promotes energy, strength and vitality. Improves physical performance.
• Offers greater mental resistance in periods of stress or fatigue.
• It has antidiabetic properties. Helps balance sugar levels.
• Used in gastrointestinal conditions.
• Balances hormones.
. Fight asthma.
Within its rich composition, it contains a large number of proteins and group B vitamins, which offer a renewing action from a physical and psychological point of view. It has essential amino acids for the proper functioning of the body.
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